Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A business won't be not nice anymore if....

Making lot of many is a prior dream of everyone.

  • If a husband can close his eyes and let his wife sleeps with other businessman for the sake of their future together.
  • If a businesswoman can leave her husband and her child with other babysitter while she doing her business by "following" other businessman.
  • If a businessman can "sell" his wife and child to other businesswoman for the sake of his business.
These phenomenons are common see nowadays. A few ages ago, people will see these phenomenons as a bad strategies to implant in your business marketing, but nowadays, people seem to get used with this bad strategies. Yes, they are indeed success in running their business, but having those immoral strategies to earn some money to live on? And feed your children with those profit you get?....Naaaah, think it again.

A good wife is a good businesswoman, but a good businesswoman won't guarantee she will be a good mother.

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