Monday, October 29, 2012

Teaching Urdu

In a learning Maths atmosphere which is so bored due to the hot weather, I asked my kids a question,

"Do you want to know what Pakistani people call "HOT" in Urdu?

The kids replied eagerly, "Yes, teacher."

"Well, they call "HOT" as "GARAM" (GARAM in Malay Language is SALT/NAMAK)

The kids laughed and asked me more Urdu words.

I continued, "Well, your shirt is now wet because you are are sweating. The Pakistani call "WET" as "GILA" (GILA in Malay Language is "CRAZY/PAGAL")

The kids laughed and then I said, "Well, it seem you are not bored anymore, so let's continue our lesson."

Tomorrow, the kids came towards me as I arrived at car park, and they in eagerly told me an interesting story.

Kid 1 : Mak, ayam goreng ni GARAM la. (Mom, this fried chicken is very hot.)
Mom : I don't remember if I put more salt in fried chicken.
Kids  : (laugh and explain)

Kid 2 : Mak, baju saya GILA. (Mom, my shirt is wet.)
Mom : Why you call your shirt as crazy?
Kids  : (laugh and explain)

And me? Just smile.

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