Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kids Born with A Talent

Don't raise your kids with anger, hatred, and punishment. Don't. Just don't.

Because your kids are gift from Allah and no matter how hard you have to get through to raise them, just try your best to be patient and raise them with love and happiness. Before they turn to 7 years old, teach them that the world is like a "candy world" , full of happiness and taste like sweet. So that, they will grow up with a hope that after year by year they "travel" in their candy world, they will find the world more sweet, more happiness.

After they reach at 7, then you can let your kids step into a real world, which they can conclude that:

"If they do lots of good deeds, the more sweet you get, but if they do more bad deeds, the more bitter "candy" you get".

This baby photo reminds me of my own cute son :)

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