Thursday, October 18, 2012

Big House vs Small House

Sometimes a few difference cultures and thoughts between me and husband always collide and jump into a serious conflict. For example, the house issue.

For last one year, we live in my father's rent house. It is a small house that my father used to rent that house to people. But since I got married, he asked us to live in that small house for temporarily until our financial is stable.

We always argued on the people who come and out from that small house. (I mean his friends, my guests) I didn't mind if they want to pay a visit to our small house once a time, but the house is a very small house, and I am the only female in that house. When the came over, the house will full, and of course I have no privacy to go to washroom, or even to go to kitchen. So, the only thing I would do if they came, I just sit alone with my son in my room.

The house is very small. It has 2 rooms, a living room, a small kitchen and a washroom. If you come out from room, you will see the living room, and direct from that, the kitchen and the washroom.

Since I managed to get myself to Pakistan last Eid. I start to understand that the Pakistani loves to visit people and they will spend almost 5 hours with the visitors. So, cause of I understand my husband's culture about visiting people, I asked my husband to find another big house so that I have my own privacy in my own house.

Well people. My husband did find a big house for me; a triple story house, but.......

1st floor will be his friends' "house", while me and kids will be in the 2nd floor. All the stuffs will be put at the 3rd floor.

Well, still, I have no privacy, right?
 :( argument again :)

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